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Selacine  comes to the forefront of advertising

New approach from Mangala for Selacine

Selacine, under the ministry of Finance and Mass Media, has been directed on to a dynamic new road under a new management.On acceptance of his portfolio Hon. Mangala Samaraweera appointed Mr. Shantha Bandaara Jayawardene, a veteran in the field of creative design,  as the Chairman of Selacine. 


Performance of the New Chairman

Selacine was a loss-incurring government institution for the last few years but under the able guidance of Hon. Minister Mangala Samaraweera and Deputy Minister Lasantha Alagiyavanna and due to the dedication and capability of its Chairman Mr. Shantha Bandara along with the dedication of its staff, Selacine has been  able become a profit making government institution.     In its four years of proud existence, the last two quarters on 2017 were the highest grossing where sales and profits were concerned. The fact that Selacine enjoys the full protection of the Ministry of Finance and Mass Media has contributed to Selacine’s ability to have the complete trust of its prospective clients. 

Services provided by Selacine

Selacine Television Institute is the first television production institution in Sri Lanka. Selacine has the ability and creative personnel to provide every service provided by any other advertising and promotion agency more creatively, efficiently and competitively.  Selacine has also been able to offer better discount rates than anyone else in television, newspaper and radio advertising.

Using modern technical and novel advertising methods, Selacine organizes advertising projects in social media as well. Apart from these services Selacine has established Event Management as a new division. Selacine was also the Official Advertising Agency for CHOGAM convention. Throughout the year government institutions organize functions and consequently Selacine has gained a considerable amount of experience and expertise in Event Management.   At present services such as Exhibition Stalls, Pre- advertising Services, Digital Walls, Advertising inside Film-halls, Stage Back-ground, Musical Shows, Outside Advertising Services are all undertaken by Selacine.

Exhilarating Future of Selacine.

Under the successful guidance of the new Chairman, Selacine looks to provide advertising and promotional services as well as scheduling services to government and private institutions.



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